A million songs

A Million Songs
An empty hollow whole filled my chest, There I was and there she was, could have sworn my heart melt Now I can’t say I remember the last time I felt my best. There I was, there she was, unaware of how I had felt
With a sour throat I tried and tried to describe how I had felt, despite all the hidden tears I had dealt
Like holding onto dear life in mid-air from a rope, It was difficult, Then I realized I had lost hope.
I couldn’t blame you even if I wanted to, It wasn’t your fault. When a positive and negative energy merge, they collide, But look at us, we came to a halt, If you knew how detrimental a hug was you wouldn’t do it, But like a glove, we were a good fit,
But I am grateful, I now see a changed person in the mirror, but do you only see a change of hair? calling me gnash, I hate you I love you, never saw the hate only the love But I say I’m okay... sort of, just tired. My mind wasn’t build like yours, properly wired.
A million love songs couldn’t explain the pain, the hurt, Just ask my aching compassion thumping out of my shirt, Don’t get me wrong I still listen to them all, relating to what I can,
But it only makes me feel vulnerable and impure, But for you all I wanted was for you to feel warm and secure, Isn’t it funny in a world consumed with greed and desire, Realization, understanding and purpose can mend a broken heart to its full attire.
They can try but I am a unique individual, So I will stare at my bedroom ceiling until I find a path to heal. Because the darkness makes the light at the end of the tunnel a much better visual.
-Adam Styles-

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