A Minute Immensity

How small am I compared to the Universe
An inconspicuous dot among the stars
My life time no more than
A blink of an eye
A flit of a wing
A ripple in the sea
We are suspended in space
Together yet alone
Immersed in a black endless void
Spinning continuously on a theoretical
Speck of dust
Hanging by a spindly
Silver thread
And yet we are immense, dynamic, efficacious
At the top of the chain
We annihilate with ease
Engrossed with ourselves
Infecting the deep blue pond
Stripping the green thicket
Dispatching the pelage critters
Our small yet seemingly large
Inconspicuous selves
Alter the fabrics of this Universe
And yet we are nothing more than
A rapidly setting sun
Petering into

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