A Miracle

I met a guy, not like any other,
A guy with the most beautiful smile,
The biggest heart, and the most amazing personality.
The first day I met him, was the best day of my life,
A person so wonderfully and greatly created,
Was put in my life,
And this guy was now the reason, that I put a smile on my face.
For the five days, out of the week, that I get to see him,
Is amazing, but not enough. I love the way he laughs,
The way he talks, the way he smiles,
Seeing him, is like seeing an angel,
With the most wondrous glow.
When he hugs me, I'm happy and at peace, being in his arms,
It's like all of the pain, and worries,
All the bad thoughts and things, just disappear.
Knowing that, the huge tear in my heart,
Has been stitched together,and fully restored.
When the weekend comes,
It's hard to get sleep always thinking of him,
Wondering what would happen,
The next time I had seen him, the weekend may only be two days,
But it feels like months, away from him.
This guy I met, is the greatest person,
I've ever known, he has become my happiness,
My angel, my friend, and he is, he truly is, a miracle.

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