A Miricle Awaiting

Deep in the ground, and about to drown
From the loneliness that has come over.
There's no one here to save me
from what I'm going to be.
Dead and alone.but now it is time to go
from this place so low-
and go lower and lower
To a place no one would ever want to go.
There is no hope, there is no life left inside of me.
I must go there; I'm so full of despair!
My life is ruined, and it can never get fixed.
As I'm finishing my journey,
I thought I'd never be free.
I'm finally there, and I'm choked with lava,
Now dead and alone.dead and alone!
For there is no one here to ever save me.
My life is so full of secrecy-
Does Heaven even exist in me?
No! No! No!
Now, I meet the devil himself-
red and monstrous.
No wonder he must be the king of Hell.
Just before he touches me, a light shines;
it fills up the world, and an angel comes down.
She says to me: "Child, why are you here?"
I could not speak.
"Come with me, child; you will never be here."
The devil was in shock, and so was I;
an angel has never come down here before.
"This is a terrible place you do not need."
She takes me by the arm and lifts me free.
Now, I have beautiful wings and a magnificent dress-
I'm now an angel, and we fly to Heaven.
my new home!

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