A Mirror Within

repulsed by the very tone of my skin
won't respect me, even though I have an extensive vocabulary
stuck in your ways because all you see is my nationality
that's my cruel reality
surrounded by a world of hate
when I have to look out
so that a gun won't take my baby brother's fate
in the end it won't matter how much I make up for
cause the blackness of my skin will always take over
for the wages in pain my ancestors had to take
are the very chains society still left for me to break
leaving me insecure about my own BEAUTIFUL complexity
searching the Internet for my own cure, a remedy
not realizing god made me in the likeness of a dulcet melody
not knowing that my own strength, and beauty lies within me
it's not a character trait that society can easily berate
no, it's in my phenotype trait
so look in the mirror and be proud of what you see
because you are a princess
a tall midnight queen
there is no in between
you are everything God has deemed you to be.

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