A missed call

By Jackamo   

No, I mean, I wonder
"What does she want?"
Maybe she needs something,
Wants something.
Why call me? I owe her nothing.

Maybe she's been thinking about me.
Maybe she just wants to talk.
Maybe she misses me, wants me.
Hurts so deep inside that she can't stand another minute without me!
Maybe, she still loves me.
Damn, another missed call!
JC, what does she want so badly?

(text to her)
I see I've missed 2 calls today,
Can you just text me?
(reply to me)
"Sorry, must have pocket dialed you,
Did you get your roof fixed yet?"

Did I get my roof fixed yet?

OMG, I want to tell her that
I can't stop thinking about her,
That I need to just hear her voice,
That I miss her, want her
Tell her that I hurt so deeply inside that I can't stand another minute without her
I want to tell her that I still love her
But no

(text to her)
Don't worry about my f#@%ing roof.

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Pretty much self explanatory I think