A Mob of Fear

Fear, don’t overwhelm me this morning
For so long, you’ve been the first thing I see when I open my eyes
Sitting at the foot of my bed, waiting patiently to enter my mind
I won’t let you cause me to miss the splendor of another dawn
Yesterday you had me feeling down when you came around
And you lingered, and you mingled with the thoughts in my mind
Causing me to overlook the excitement of an enchanting afternoon
As irritating as you are, I tend to keep you wrapped around me
Like my favorite winter coat
Could it be that deep down inside, you have become a part of me?
Maybe you have held me captive for so long
I don’t know how to set myself free
You come creeping into my room at night
When I attempt to say my prayers
So rude and disrespectful
Knocking at my door, so invasive with your inpatient self
Now you want to control my nights
Fear, don’t you dare!
You insult me with lies of truth
Because I have believed your every word
But now I’m sick and tired of you
Your intrusion is absolutely absurd
Enough is enough
No three day notice to pay rent or quit
I’m kicking you out right now
You’ve been living rent free in my mind too long
And now I must evict
Get Out!

By: Wanda Jeannie Johnson

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