A Moment

A moment in darkness,
A lifetime in night.
The shadows distort her,
Changing beauty to blight.

A moment of weakness,
A lifetime of pain.
Her size is deciving ,
Of the power she gains.

I knew when I met her
I was stuck in her grasp.
The simplest whisper,
And time seemed to lasp.

She chewed through my family,
Devoured my friends.
Consumed all with a hunger,
Leaving grave riddled lands.

I thoiught that she loved me,
Wanting only to please.
Instead she destroyed.
All that’s left is disease.

I want nothing more then to leave her,
But the pain I can’t bare.
So I call and sell my soul,
And try not to care.

I shield myself from morals,
Place my heart in a cast.
I hate myself with vigor,
Praying for an ending that last.

Trying to find I solace,
I go to the place where they lay.
And there she sits
On every tombstone, hilltop and grave.

A moment in darkness,
A lifetime in pain.
All this death and this heartache,
With only a pill to blame.

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This Poems Story

I have lost everyone I have ever really loved to the tiniest devil that I have yet to let go. Perhaps if I give her form, give her life, I can find away to move on and leave her in the past.