A Moment in Time

Lying in bed in the calm quiet of the night;
Not concerned with bad or good, up or down, wrong or right.
Simply existing in this moment without a care in this world;
Not worried about jobs and bills,
money and clothes, diamonds and pearls.
Genuinely disinterested in the current state of things;
Engulfed within my own thoughts and feelings,
my personal state of being.
Not sitting here wondering wrecking my brain...
Over whether the sun is going to come out tomorrow
or if it decides to rain.
I could care less at this very moment about
who said this thing or that;
Oblivious to the current goings on
around me of frivolous chitchat.
I am totally here but then again, in this state I am not;
Completely drama free, carefree, and without spots.
No stains on my mental or anxiety plaguing the fabric of my soul.
At this moment in time my spirit is refreshed and I am totally whole.

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