A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time
As much as I try, can’t change nobody but myself.
As bad as I cry, I gotta focus on self.
Where were you when I was down and need a little help?
Where was the support, you didn’t care how I felt
Mistake by mistake then a loss after a loss, Don’t know how much more I can take. Thought the love was real but it couldn’t be more fake
U played me wasted time but it wasn’t too late.
The games out of date, I’m done and I really want my space. Don’t bring me drama and try to lie to my face.
I can’t let someone bring me down and put me in a bad space.
If I’m not on your mind, why we sitting here wasting time.
I’m going to stay on my grind, but I always made sure you were fine.
Played me like a fool I was really too blind.
You were my love my do or die my partner in crime.
It’s True, every hand going to show in due time.
I just wrote this to pass the time, and you happen to come to mind.
I felt some way back then but now I’m feeling fine.
I wish you the best, you living your life, and of course ima live mine, and there going to be times, when you might come to mind, but let’s move on because there might not be much time.

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