A Moment of Infinity

In a moment of brave strength,
when the light flickers on
and laughter rings clear,
when love outshines hate
and friendship burns away fear,

In a moment of new growth,
when the wind blows harder than ever
and the world speeds by,
when time sweeps its wings
and the flowers give a sigh,

In a moment of sudden change,
when the clock hands freeze
and film runs on slow motion,
when choices are made
and fate is like a potion,

In a moment of great stress,
when happiness seems lost
and faltering hope drops,
when sickness drives out life
and a heartbeat stops,

In a moment of despair,
when loss is all-consuming
and everything is empty,
when clouds obscure the sun
and lava becomes a sea,

In a moment of acceptance,
when tears fall slower
and the storm goes quietly,
when the bear lies down in peace
and memories fill the void silently,

In a moment of remembrance,
when realization dawns
and starlight twinkles high,
when rain pours softer
and the well runs dry,

In a moment of continuing,
when the car engine revs
and scenery flies alone,
when the past is in the past
and the cows come home,

In a moment of new darkness,
when a life has been well-lived
and the crescent shines non-dimmable,
when fire waits patiently over the horizon
and discovery is inevitable,

In a moment of Infinity,
When Everything is recurring
And Everything's just begun,
When Everything is happening
And Everything is done.

Then in that moment of Infinity,
May many lives be sung.

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