A Moment of Release

When I walk outside, the very air stirs me.
Eyes closed breathing deeply, Feeling the release
Under a canopy of blue sky, gray sky, dark sky, pink,
It's all expansive.

In endlessness, there is no substance for bouncing worries,
And no purchase for grappling despair.
Crippling doubts have to walk further to reach me,
Grasping loneliness has to try harder to catch me
'Cause I'm already grappled, hooked, grasped, and crippled,
Already captured, taken, spellbound, and enraptured""
By the beauty of breathing.

Relaxing by increasing,
Heart pumping, mind numbing, head clearing.
And I'm awarded a moment to think,
To process,To put in perspective
Thump Thump
To breathe.

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