A Mothers Christmas Wish

Twas the night before Cristmas
All gathered at my house
My daughters, their children, oh and my spouse.

But someone was missing,
As we decorated the tree,
an empty spot on the couch
Where my son used to be.

See my son's an angel
In heaven above
An emptiness inside me
Filled with so much of love.

NO one was laughing
No one would sing
For what I want for Christmas
Santa can't bring.

The children all dreaming,
Asleep on the floor
When all of a sudden
Came a knock on the door.

Who could that be
It getting so late
Open up it's Santa and this gift cannot wait.

Could it be Santa,
This must be a joke
We opened the door
Nobody spoke.

There stood Santa
As real as can be
He said I have a gift for you
I can't put under the tree.

He said I cannot bring you
What you ask me to
As he pulled out a feather
He said it's the best I could do.

He handed me a feather
It glistened like snow
It's from his Angel wing
I want you to know.

Though you cannot see him,
He's always near
When you need him the most.
So tonight he is here.

As tears rolled from my eyes
He said now that you know
I have to leave
Many mothers and feathers to go.

As he turn and walked away
Before he got out of my sight.

He said always remember
He's here each Christmas night.

Written by,
Loyce Billiot-Fielder

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