A Mother\’s Cry

Sometimes she feels she’s in a world alone.
Although she has a husband and children, and a dog at home.
A mother’s heart is made up of different pieces.
Pieces that sometimes leave her speechless.
She patrols the house hallways day and night.
Behind closed doors she’s putting up her armor to fight.
Trying hard in front her kids, to hold back her tears, with all her might.
Many days, she feels like she can’t breathe trying to figure out what do for her family.
Bills are piling up, and she don’t know what to do.
She constantly prays he’ll bring them once again through this too.
Sometimes, she goes to bed hungry just to make sure her kids are full, and husband can have strength to make it to tomorrow.
With strengthen and with hope, she has faith that God will be the answer to the problem.
She goes without, and even looks rough at times.
Just to make sure her babies look upbeat.
She has gain and anxiety that she seems not to be able to delete.
Somedays she just lay there feeling defeated.
Although in her mind, she tries to speak to her heart, saying, I got the Victory.
She has many dark days, where she feels the clouds just won’t go away.
She’s over protective over her clan.
Bother any, this mother will cause you pain.
She found her strength inside the church.
Until one day by them she got hurt.
Thinking that releasing her feelings would just release some pain.
But what this mother realized that that conversation was in vain.
Mothers always knows when something wrong.
She always gets this gut feeling, even before anyone realize she knows.
It’s easier for her to detect family, friends and foes.
This mother tries to make everyone happy and keep peace.
Yet, her mind and heart is never at ease.
Even when she’s nice and ask help, me please.
She constantly taken for granted.
Constantly feel like the sinking Titanic.
There’s days she feels like she’s dying inside.
Wishing she was a turtle with a shell, so she can just hide.
Sometimes she feels it’s easier to give up then to just carry on.
One gets tired of being hurt by the ones who confess that they love you.
Sometimes she feels like a long carpet being unrolled.
Easy for others to dust their feet and be step on.
A mother looks her children in the eye and she always tells them the truth.
Even when people say, you shouldn’t tell him or her that.
She’s a woman of her word.
She prepares her children for the world.
Letting them know that they always need to be there from one another, because we are all we truly got.
She reminds her daughter why she stays on her so much.
Even though the daughter thinks mommy always fuss.
But mommy only wants to speak volume.
Mommy only wants her to reach for the sky, because when the clouds move, it’s a reminder to her she can have everything in it.
This mother knows already what her children’s future holds, so she pushes them to the edge now then later.
A mother always wants their children to have the best
Even if it causes her to have less.
This mother is constantly criticized by the choices she makes and by the path she chooses to take.
Many look for her to fall but she uses that as her ladder to climb higher.
She then battles the demons in her mind.
Only wishing she can change the hands of time.
There’s days were there’s no food in the house and she becomes afraid of not what she doesn’t have but she knows her children need something to eat, and her husband need something to start his day.
They’re both tired working for nothing but with nothing to show.
The mother falls to her knees and she prays like there is no tomorrow and she asks God what am I to do?
She then walks to the cabinet and make nothing out of something and somehow she makes a full meal out of things you never knew that would taste good.
All that matters to her are those little chewing mouth, and hearing baby and mommy hum this good.
So, she goes in the bathroom and shut the door.
And she sits behind the door and thanks God for helping her pull through to do it once again.
Then she washes her face so no one could notice that she can’t keep for crying.
When they ask her to eat she lies and say I’m already full, just so that they can have enough.
Sometimes she feels so weak but her family finds strength in her so she must carry her cross and keep on moving.
Sometimes the house is so cold but they both make sure the kids are in the bed with the heater snugged and warm.
Always reminding them to pray before you lay.
This mother pushes herself to go to school.
Telling herself, she will be no one’s fool.
Going to school helps her balance her life
While praying father God I thank you for your son Jesus Christ.
As she stares at the celling she said God this mother is me!

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