A Mother’s Heart

If only I could I would:
keep you from skinned knees, disease, broken-hearts, nosebleeds.
You'd have favor, excell in all you do, no betrayal or friend untrue.
You'd never feel stupid, unwanted, unloved, but as a gift from above,
Beautiful smart, healthy, wealthy, wise, successful in life and love.
Have fairlytale ends, dreams come true, happy endings for all you do.

If I could I would; but I'm not God, life brings heartahe and pain,
bittersweet things, but rainbows come only after the storm and rain.

But I can and I will:
Live as an axample that can be seen; teach morals, encourage dreams.
Teach you to know and honor God, acknowledge him in all your ways,
Be honest, kind, true, work hard , live, love, laugh, and play.
Make you feel loved and know I am proud to call you mine,
Help to make memories to share and continue throughout lifes time.

I can and I do:
Say I'm sorry if you feel I failed you, and pray you do the same,
Tell you I love you with all my heart; pray you never give me blame.
Pray that you learn from my past mistakes and make a change.
Believe in you and want you to know how very proud I am of you,
You've made life worth living; full, complete, memorable, true.

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