A mother\’s love

I remember one day you told me,
There's nothing like a mother's love,
But, you forgot something
very important,

There's also, a mother's hug,
you've taught me right from wrong, and you tried your very best,
so when it comes to loving mother's You're the hero of the rest,

I think of you all of the time,
and I can't wait to see you again,
You're not only a loving mother but, also my very best friend.

I know I've done some wrongs by keeping you up late at night
But, when times got really tough you were always their to fight,

How could I have been so stuiped to have ever made you Cry?.
Because, it hurts so deep inside,
I just want to lay down and die,

So when I stop being dumb,
and decide to do what is right,
I know it will all be because of you,from all the love you hold so tight,

So please forgive me mother for all the hurt that I have done,
Because, only a mother's love can help this troubled one,

Out of all the things I've had,
and all the things I miss,
the one thing I miss the most
is the love of my mother's kiss.

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