A Mother’s Love for Her Son

She loves you more today than yesterday
She wants you to be happy in every way
Remember her from the years before
She does not want to see you cry anymore
In your mind will be her smiling face
Full of beauty and such grace
She didn't want to leave you here all alone
But your dear father was calling her to come home
You took good care of her as only a loving son would do
Time for you to move on and make her proud of you
At times you feel as if you can't go on
The pain in your heart weighs a ton
The depression and mood swings get so tough
You question yourself, did I do enough?
One day at a time is all you can do
Wake up the next day to something new
Life is good so have some fun
Her brightness is in the rays of the sun
She whispers to you in the winds that blow
Her face is in the campfires glow
And as the leaves fall down to the ground
You are assured she is always around
To guide and love you, in your new quest
She knows you are her only child, who is and deserves the very best.
And she will always be in your heart until you meet again

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