I am the Mother Earth
The only fortunate planet to give Birth
to various species of this World
Who in danger are protected by me, and to me they are Furled

All of them lived Happily
In their respective environments Merrily
Though the strongest was super Competitive
He did not disturb his mother's Superlative

No sooner did I felt Happy
Than one of my children became Greedy
Chasing in the name of Civilization
Leaving others in Devastation

With the rapid growth of Industrialization
And with the advancement in technology due to Civilization
The mankind has attained the Supremacy
Becoming the cause of his brother's Nemesis

While there are many reasons for my Destruction
I am so worried with one human Invention
Popularly known to be PLASTIC
and its consequences are Drastic

Plastic became humans Livelihood
They use it in everything that they Do
And dump the waste in Ponds and Oceans
Or burn the plastic thus causing Erosion

Despite being the one with Intellect
Man chose to be Cruel and Ignorant
In this era of Culture and Civilization
He began to cause his companion's Deterioration

While one one hand mankind is Ecstatic
My other children are drowning in the dreaded pool of Plastic
Crying and dying in Pain and Agony
Leaving me to worry in Solitary

To ensure the Peace and Security
I have shared my Property
With all my children Equally
So that they can live Happily

The immense usage of plastic in Modern Times
Should become one of the Greatest Crimes
For it not only puts others in Danger
But will also become the reason man himself will be Endangered

With so much knowledge on Global Warming
Understanding the signs of nature's Warning
Humans still don't get rid off Plastic
Make excuses of damage every Minute

All I want is well being of my Offspring
And harmony in the nature that I gifted Him
For it not only creates an imbalance in my Creation
But also ends my life in Disruption

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This Poems Story

This poem is a biography of MOTHER EARTH in which she shares her pain, fears and grief and the reasons for her trauma as well. While there could be several reasons for her pain, the mother earth talks about one of the primary factors of destruction to her other children by humans that is PLASTIC. She emphasizes that all her children humans and other animals are equal to her and any one of them running towards danger will end her life. Though mankind is a reason for her trauma, she still loves and worries for him and also fears that his excess inventions in turn can ruin him.