A Mother's Prayer

A little boy a little girl, hold the future in their hands
We love them and do our best, try to pass the test
Never knew someone was lurking in the darkness to take their souls
Will they remember what we taught them? Will they know how to behave?
Oh God, please help us so we don't lay them in their grave.
They'll walk out our front door, remember us no more
as we sit at home and wait and hold our breath and pray.
Will those who knew them really remember who they are and not what
they've become because of addiction, still see the goodness in
their souls that never went away?
Oh God, please help us so we don't lay them in their grave.
Hearts are broken, lives are changed, nothing can ever be the same.
They are our sons and daughters, please don't walk away.
God give them strength to look inside and help them find their pride.
Don't let another mother's tear fall, we must end it all.
There is no way back without an outstretched hand,
so hold on tight to mine and come back from neverland.

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This Poems Story

I have never written anything before, but my life inspired these words. My son was a heroin addict for fourteen years, starting at an early age. He is now twenty-eight. He was in many rehabs, and when we had group therapy, they would ask, how do you feel? These words flowed easily because they came from a mother's heart. I laid in bed one night thinking about all the fear, and pain, and misunderstanding that goes into loving an addict, especially one that is your son. You cannot turn off your love of a child, and I refused to give up or walk away. He is now doing well and working in a rehab, so, for today, I am happy.