A Mother’s Song

A decade's fare, from all our shares, of endless fits and starts
High price to pay for one man's choice, fatally gone wrong
We've formed a band to sing a cover, of a father's troubled song
Verse and chorus, we give our best, at singing all the parts

Gorgeous highs, and painful lows, a birthright overnight
The stronger of his legacies two children, with gentle older souls
They gamely try to hit their notes, fulfill their heavy roles
They sing their verse immeasurably, angel voices of delight

Navigating lyrics formed with such sacrifice, strength and hope
No shame allowed when members falter, when the notes do change
For singing such a heartfelt song reverberates with deeper range
From Heaven it unravels; music writes itself-a magic growing rope!

We grab, hang on, and tie our knots, with frantic, anxious pace
So when we can no longer climb, when our voices DO give out
We cling to notes we've held, and remember what it's all about
We've myriad footholds on which to stand, and pray with stoic grace

One roughly knotted rung-by-rung, we've climbed and sung together
Our band has toured through good and bad, been all around and 'round
Note-by-note, three voices one, we still make a steady sound
May this, my legacy of music, unite our band forever

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This Poems Story

I am a single mom of two soulful, resilient children. My husband was killed in a double homicide when my children were three and five years old. My husband left me a widow at twenty-six years old. We have had a very difficult decade and this poem is an ode to them. Poetry, music, and my need to provide for them has saved my life in a way. Through all our challenges, the beauty I see in life and joy I derive from writing about it is sustaining and rewarding. I hope you find some solace or joy in reading it as well.