A Mother’s Tears

Do not mistake my tears for weakness
or cowardice.
Because I cry, I see-
I see the pain in my children's faces,
the longing in my husband's heart,
and the injustices in the world.
Each tear brings me strength,
each tear is a shield,
each tear a symbol of how tireless
I work to bring joy to my family
and those around me.
I cry for all,
I want for all,
and I give every tear
for all those around me and afar.
I care for you and them all the same,
and I offer my undying love and strength.
I carry the weight of the world,
yet I am happy-
happy for myself
and those whom I love.
I cry because I am strong,
I cry because I love,
I cry because I am a child of God.
I cry!

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