A Mother's Word

Have you ever stood out in the pale moonlight?
Or walked through the dark shadows of night?
I thought not. For if you did, you would know,
Every color has a darker flow.

Walk with me this one time my sweet.
Nocturnal reality, you do need to meet.
Stay close dear, or you may stray.
I will be here to light your way.

You see, in this life we have many a choice.
It is up to you to decipher your own precious voice.
You can walk the light, exposed to all.
Or walk behind the night’s vast darkened wall.

Each one of us will make this journey.
Mine led me to this darkened gurney.
Fret not my sweet, for we are almost there.
You will soon see what my choice forbear.

There under that moss ridden rock,
Lies what is left of my ticking time clock.
Look hard at this grave my dear.
Gaze in sorrow and fear...

I see it in your eyes that this path is not right.
It is time to look back at that faint window’s light,
Your father waits dear, with whom his heart now resides.
Now, you too, must put your heart aside.

You both were never meant for this dark alluring path.
Go and be content in your new life’s bath.
I will be here forever walking the night.
Yearning to be back with you all, in that precious light.

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This Poems Story

A fantastical account of a heartbroken daughter's fight to keep her deceased mother from moving on.