A Mother's Worry Is Her Love

Brush your teeth, comb your hair and don't lean back in that chair.
Tie your shoe before you fall and don't you draw on my wall!
Clean your room.
Whats that smell?
I don't run a resort hotel!
Close your mouth when you chew.
Didn't I tell you to tie that shoe?
Wear a helmet when you ride your bike.
Eat your veggies and a story goodnight.

You grow like a weed in the blink of an eye
But no rest for me, my worries don't subside.

Who is that?
What's their age?
Let me check your Facebook page
Here is money to get gas.
Now don't you drive that car too fast.
When you leave you better call, or you won't go again at all.
Be home by nine. okay, ten.
I count the minutes till your home safe again.

As old worries fade new ones appear and let me make myself clear.
You are my precious gift from above and always remember
My worry is my love.

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