A Nation Subject to Reversion

All of the time lost over centuries, no one could discover
Within this nation, it is too deep to recover
The time wasted when we were separated from each other
All because of ignorance, as goodness we could not see in one another
When our grandparents and some fathers and mothers
Were subject to racial slurs and fought to recover
Their freedom of speech and rights as they knew nothing other
They broke barriers in order for us to enjoy warm suppers
With the belief that we would no longer be segregated against
Or fall victim to one another's heartless nonsense
In this day and time, many of us have matured, so we don't mind
To gather amongst each other and have casual conversation, even wine
Regardless of our skin colors, invites are no longer declined
Many of us are trying to move forward; others are stuck in time
With that being said, we have grown-but that tough road we're still on
As is reflected in everyday situations
No more room for talking, as no one has patience
Allowing many to fall victim to petty discrimination
The audacity of the individuals who never had the will to make it
Or believed in themselves enough to face it
Too blinded by the emphasis that's put on negative situations
Making it difficult to see through it all.that we have made progress as a nation

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