A Nebulous World

She would wake up to a nebulous world
And as if her eyes were the misty windows on a winter morning
She would stumble upon her things before she would catch hold of me

I would gently touch her fingers and she would lock hers in mine
Lift me by my arms and wear me so we can be companions again
She would rest me on her nose and I’d back in time

She would be my companion, my only true friend
For if she doesn’t wear me, she’ll stumble upon the fence
She would be my purpose, and I would be hers until the very end

Crystal clear as I was, I magnified into things for her
For if it weren’t for me, the world would be nebulous to her
We would be incomplete without each other

She would care for me like a mother would care for a child
I would give her a sense of purpose like a child would to his mother
We would both be much more, like a mother and her child

I would give her clarity and help her look at the world with kind eyes
After all, a spectacle I would be, meant to correct vision
She would wake up to a nebulous world before she stumbles upon her saviour
And her saviour I would be, till the end of time…

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