A New Beginning

Through desert wastelands a dark figure rose against bright midnight sky,
hand held firmly at the gun near his side.
Tubes and wires crossed his chest, around his arms down his legs and the rest.
With a mask over his face he surely looked out of place,
like some creature from outer space.
Radioactive dust flew through the air; he looked my way
and all I could do was stare "tell me your name if you dare!"
I focused on a tag upon his head that read "Fred" but then
It spoke and said, "pay no heed to what they named me"
It chose a new name for itself; from its' mother not his mom.
Its new name was ADAM...ADAM BOMB.
Though something I was missing I lay there twitching in the sand.
I noticed it not a creature but a man!
I lay there looking at the sky waiting to die. I realized the problem, the mess.
We destroyed the Earth; but we had done our best.
Then came a noise from some nearby wreckage; female I made my assumption.
She then uttered a statement; fitting I thought
A mate for "Fred" her name was EVE..EVE of destruction!

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