A New Beginning

I see the sadness in your eyes...
I feel your pain...I hear your lies.
I recognize your guilt and shame because our lives were once the same.
I kissed the pipe...I scarred the vein...just like you, I was insane.
On a mission everyday while fear and chaos led my way.
And I pretended not to see that what I chose was killing me.
Lost in shadows, I lived a lie.
Constant heartache while I watched my dreams die.
Consequences realized too late ro erase the damage that I'd create.
My addiction blinded me to how very sweet life could be.
Sick and tired of the misery I chose to change my destiny.
The time I wasted cannot be replaced and the mistakes I made cannot be erased....
but God heard my cries, HE heard my plea and broke the chains of my misery.
I give thanks and praise everytime...everyday...
by HIS grace and mercy, I found my way.
So it's not too late for you my friend....
where there's life, there's hope...you can begin again.

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