A new day!

A new, day, the same, problems! God sees all, he will, solve them! The poor, cry out! Their eyes, are full, of tears! The people, in power, are their, worst fears! They fight, for their, causes, not, for, the people! While people starve, who, they say, are not, equal! Society, knows, their, evil, but, refuse to care! As, long, as, they get, piece, they claim, its fair! They even, took, the prayer, from schools , in order, to control! They say, it's fair, but it's, really, to bold! They scream, it's a democracy! Yet, that lie, gets, old! They kill, my brother's, while they speak, a racist, tone! They slaughter, our women, in words, and actions! Their tools, that, are disposable! Raped, and hated, as they, pass them! The Indians, even mean, nothing, they, just, take over, their lands! They've turned, this into, the most, corrupt, nation! America, is not, being, made, great again! Trump, is, a lier a thief, and, a phony! To scream, that, he cares, is just, plain bologna! Our society, has taken, this, great nation, a land, for, the oppressed, and turned, it, into, a warzone, for hatred, at best! I say, to, all minorities, not all, of us, are truly, bad! I stand, for your, right, to freedom! It's all, that, you, have! A real, leader, is one, that speaks, out, against, injustice! Not one, that changes, himself, to fit, in, with, our public!
By©Devon Bates2017

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