A New Light

My souls been running recklessly,
Like a ship that's tossed in a stormy sea.
I could see no end in sight,
Just continuous unending nights.
I longed for that sweet peace I used to feel,
That always felt so very real.
I raced against time hunting here and there,
Not knowing it was always so very near.
I looked for it in all the wrong places,
Searching and searching turning endless pages.
I never dreamed it was so hard to let go,
Of what was binding me I did not know.
My mind raced with thoughts of when,
When I would finally see where to begin.
Finally I seen the light,
It was like a beacon on a cold dark night.
Like arms stretched out open wide,
Guiding me in with the gentle tide.
This peace I found tonight,
I will never again let out of my sight.
When he wrapped his arms around my shoulders,
He wiped away all of those boulders.
This freedom I found in this place,
Is just the beginning of my life's new race!

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