A New Nature

A lonely fall walk in the woods,
everything different, even my mood.
The wind still blows,
yet the birds no longer chirp.
The breeze once whistled,
sounds of an indian flute.
I wonder, is this what we've truly spent?
Greed has destroyed even the weeds.
My stroll continues
bringing new emotions with each step.
My feet creating a crunch,
I look down with disgust.
Leaves mixed with junk,
the remanence of a Milky Way;
it even knew it was out of place.
The beaten path eroding on all sides,
to where it bent in the undergrowth.
I glance to the left
like a soldier on patrol.
A childhood memory returns,
a fascination I had
of a doe and her fawn
nibbling at the dewy grass.
Those deer, for now,
evade this once sacred pass.

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