A New-Normal in the Year 2020


In twenty-twenty, a new-normal burst on the scene
Flooding, pouring into lives initially unseen.
It was unknown, unwanted
There was no choice to this invasion, this intrusion
Other than accept its despised presence
Stealing into old and young lives.
Some with no choice helplessly succumb and cease
Others courageously fight and linger painfully
Still others carry it without knowing or pain
Unaware of reasons for its unstoppable gain.
Methods to defeat it, to conquer it, to destroy it
As it continued to do its dastardly deeds
Moving about continually to annihilate all
With its invasive presence at the doorsteps of all.
Through its encompassing presence of suffering
Fear, frustration, loneliness stepped-in
Precautions to stay safe, to abide by the rules
In hope that all will live for another God-given-day.
The fight continues on in this new-normal
With this deadly virus spread;
Trying possibilities to destroy its grip on all
With a vaccine to stop this virus play
As this new-normal is faced each and every day.

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