A New Path

Until the rain fell…There was never, a cloud of such blight;
The doppelganger…. his shadowed figure… a grim reflection, no sense of direction.
Struggle as you may; losing all hues of the night sky…
Lightning struck, a new sensation…from the cries of desperation…

Like a world out of sight, a new found might;
A might to depend on, to strive on.
But… the fog… a dull change in hue; another side you never knew… everlasting temptation.
War with the sword, war against thyself… a storm to never calm.

Shackled by the battle, victory… out of breath is this fallen knight.
Suddenly, the sky parts; a promise to not drown while kneeling to thy crown.
Shattered by the sound; awoken with a dream without a silent scream, without a freight.
Although dismay is out of sight, the clown now makes a frown…

Disdain and dismay, this traveler was lead a stray…
Illuminated by thy divine crown; a weary traveler begins to pray.

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This Poems Story

I was dealing with a lot of spiritual and mental conflict at the time.