A new perfection

A breeze moves over the beach
The sand crunches like paper as feet break through the even surface
The sand shifts as toes dig deep into it, trying to secure a sense of balance
The sand crunches and she keeps walking
The crunch turns to a crack as she approaches the shore
The thin layer of salt left by the receding tide is broken by her steps
There are quite crunches as crabs skirt away from her
Returning to their home before she stumbles upon them
The beach is vacant infront of her
The ocean immense as it stretches for miles
Unmatched in strength and beauty
She sits on the beach her feet digging deep into the sand
Rooting herself to the spot
Her back is to the crowded inland
Her eyes gaze hungrily at the water infront of her
She wishes to absorb it's strenth. It's beauty. It's efortless perfection.
She gazes into the distance
Straining to see further in the darkness
Just at the edge of her vision a light appears
As the sun starts to rise, the rays hit the surface, creating a new version of perfection she never knew existed

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