A New Start

I walk, you disapprove,
I talk, you dissaprove,
I seek your attention, You push me away.
In deep desperation, I'm looking for a way,
to please you.
What can I do?
I fall lonely to a spell
that I had cast upon myself.
I keep trying to love you,
when in reality you don't want me to.
I listen to your pleas
when I'm about to leave
and reconsider staying
because you said you were changing.
Then with the same results,
I try with the same impulse
to finally be loved by you,
in the way that I deserve to.
I know I deserve better,
and my heart is getting tender,
with each tear, a shattered piece of my heart dissolves.
Yet I keep trying, thinking these conflicts will get resolved.
I'm running in a circle, chasing the same dream,
While I'm staring at a dead rose, I could be planting new seeds.

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