A Night Lights’ Dance

On this night as the moon fills the sky,
The world has witnessed two stars collide.
Destined by fate and illuminated by fire,
Their warmth embodies and their souls admire.
They dance through the night and wisp through the trees,
Careless and free as they ride with the breeze.
Harmonious as one and enveloped in play,
Their cores kindle strength and guide their way.
Nothing can dim the radiance they give,
To a night that was dark, but destined to live.
As light nears the end of its slumber once more,
These stars cannot help but yearn to soar.
Restless and curious as to where they may lay,
And if ever again they may light the way,
All through the night for all eyes to see,
What beauty can bring to hearts so free.
One last breath as their light disappears,
They fall from the sky like the sweetest of tears,
Only to find that where they will be,
Is lighting our hearts for each other to see.

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