A night of passion

My passion is only for you.
To give myself to you.
And only to you.
My thought are only of you.
Everything I do is for you.

A night of passion with you will be this.
First I'll bring you a dozen red roses.
To see your bright smile.
Some chocolates to give you.
They will be as sweet as you.

I would take you for a stroll.
Holding your hand in mine.
We would stop to watch the sunset.
Where I would hold you.
And then steal a kiss.

I would tell you how I fell about you.
How much I love you.
For you mean everything to me.
You are the only one for me.
No one else will do

I would make your favorite dinner.
We would eat by candle light.
Sipping your favorite wine.
As I gaze into you eyes.
Looking to your beautiful soul.

After I clean up the meal.
We would cuddle up to watch a movie.
Witch would be your favorite.
I would be wrapped around you.
Holding you till the end.

I would read you poetry.
A poem I would write about you.
Telling you how beautiful you are.
How I feel about you.
And how much I love you.

Then I would draw a bath.
For the two of us.
With sweet smelling oils.
You would lay your back on my chest.
My armed warped around you.

I would then give you a massage.
Starting with your feet.
Working my way up to your back.
Once I reach your neck.
I would start to kiss you.

I would then start to nibble your ear.
Kissing your nick.
Working my way to your breast.
Moving to your belly.
Then I'll pleasure you fully.

I will give myself to you completely.
Kissing you, warped in each other's arms.
I'll give you myself for your pleasure.
Once you are pleased.
We would sleep in each other's arms.

I would wake in the morning.
Before you to watch you sleep.
Making you breakfast.
That we would eat outside.
Under the new day.

We would be in love with each other.
For the rest of our life.
My passion is for you.
All I want is to make you happy.
For the rest of our lives.

Shaun D. Weller

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