A Night Out

The way you look at me,
With that tone of voice,
Makes me cringe,
So I have no choice,

The way you kiss me,
with your lips of red,
why are you restraining me,
In your bed,

With your eyes you see my soul,
Evil deeds stained in blood,
My heart black as coal,
Bringing death like a flood,
My mind sees you drenched in blood.

You move to my neck,
I can hear you breathing,
Whispering in my ear,
Then I feel you nibbling,

Your perfume smells so sweet,
Your skin smooth to the touch,
Your hair glides across my chest,
Don't tease me so much,

Your legs smooth as silk,
The chains tighten as I reach for you,
your skin white as milk,

I've never felt this way about a woman,
Five hundred hundred dollars for an hour of your love,
My time is almost up,
My beautiful white dove,

If I can't have you no one will
For you are mine till the end,
For you and I will die tonight,
In the fire we will mend,

The tables are turned,
You struggle while tied up,
Pulling the blade from the table top,
Your time is up,

You cry as I run the blade,
Across your cheek,
Between your chest,
Blood begins to leak,
Trickling down your breast.

You beg for forgiveness,
You were already forgiven,
This will only take a second,
Death is instant,

Hoisting up the mighty blade,
Thrusting it through your heart,
You and I will be one,
We'll never be apart,

Gentle blade into your heart,
Your eternal rest has begun,
I kiss your lips and close your eyes,
Thank you dear,
For a great vacation.

By: Patrick Kelly 2/9/2013

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