A Nightmare Eternal

The sounds of the rattling floorboards creak through the house,
and rattle me awake from my slumber.
The occurrence has been sporadic since momma died,
and with every thought of missing her,
comes the horrid fear of new beginnings.
I grab a flashlight, and wish to investigate,
despite full awareness that the only credible monsters lurk
in the shadows of the human psyche.
Thoughts are both the elixir and the toxin,
the poison and the prize.
I go, I go despite knowing I shouldn't.
Vultures hang on trees,
an image reminiscent of fallen angels.
This is the labyrinth of sempiternal suffering.
Through the farmhouse, the lake effervescent,
the smell of the air permeates with sulfur,
and I know I don't wish to be here anymore.

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