a nomad astray

have you ever been lost in a woman
a nomad astray in a desert's expanse
thirsty for her places to find sanctum
solitude in her loving oasis a nomad
mad with a stroke of feeling skin hot
to the touch a drop of love not much
yet enough to leave any man reeling
for such healing they'd clutch kneeling
by her pools the refuge of her springs
appealing to deluge yet some chance
this expanse they dual a desert's heat
for some love is only a mirage in the end
they'll never meet forever destined to
have sand under feet are you brave enough
to question the desert itself to quest then
pave the path to love's oasis yourself
to intrigue to face this even death fatigue
to not stop only for a drop would you walk this
expanse if only for a chance to fully submerge
in her love to quench this urge this thirst
to be versed in all her places to not only
drink but be embraced by loves oasis.

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