A Note of Suicide

The walls were closing in on me.
Frustrated and furious significantly.
A grey cloud of despair, can't you see it in the air?
Where are you right now? You said you would always be there.
As the emptiness filled the atmosphere.
Anxiety grew so heavy and thick.
That I become Feeble and sick.
Overtaken by Outrage
Depression and I became engaged.
The sickness of guilt and shame filled my brain.
I've tried but I can't maintain.
Drunken with Rejection followed by a shot of oppression.
What if something gave me a motive
to end my life without further notice?
What would life be like if I wasn't around ?
would my kids and Family be happy or would they frown?
Living life so miserably
Like an inmate in prison not being free.
Stuck Like a Tree who's roots were intertwined into the ground.
Restricted, bound and beaten down.
I'm locked in.
Life's got me pinned.
I just can't seem to Win.
I'm Feeling like committing an unforgivable sin.
If you're reading this you are already too late
From the Premises of this cold lonely world I had to evacuate.
After so many had me crucified,
Just as my dreams have now so will I,
On the inside, I just gave up and died.
This is a note of Suicide.

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