A Note to Mothers and Fathers

This is a note to mothers and fathers.
As of this moment I am gone, gone from your life, gone from mine.
Death has cast its shadow over me, and my soul has left
But my heart still beats, though in spirit not in life.
I don't want you to mourn for me, do not shed a single tear.
To mourn would be saying that I left you and I haven't.
I've always been a part of you and death can't change that.
I am not gone.
I see myself engraved in your hearts, every day
I'm a reflection, not really a person, but alive and still here.
And this is my declaration to you:
Although the life you gave me was taken away, don't cry.
Smile, know that I'm watching you proudly as you watched me.
The unconditional silent power that is your love and suffered pain
is absolved.
I don't want you to cry for me, there's no need to.
Don't say how much you'll miss me, I don't want you to miss me.
But you must make me a promise, a promise you must keep, for my sake.

Don't with each passing day think of our loss of each other
But our gaining of a beautiful existence.
I love you too much to think of anything else.
Besides laughter, tears of joy, long nights filled with splendor,
I don't want my life defined by tears but how I lived my life-
Happy, loved, and grateful to those who shared in their love.
To my mothers and fathers and those left behind in my heart.

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