She lay on the sands, her body curves like the dunes
She beckons me with a smile, my heart it swoons
Fiery waves from her head flow
Sapphire eyes into mine deeply glow
The shear tunic drifts by her side
Her skin whiter than the foam of the tide
Loves nectar gleams in the sun
I devour her as a succulent plum
Holding me as fruit, cradling her gift
Overflowing her palm she caresses transfixed
Guiding me to the warmth of her soul
Closer, together, embracing harder still
Our melodic rhythm moving slow
Compliment the gentle breezes that blow
Only to please her is my need
Raging faster in her, as a stormy sea
Her cries to the heavens tell the Gods of her pleasure
The Love that we share, heavens greatest treasure

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