A Parent’s Mourning

Tomorrow, I will bury my son
Tragedy has unmercifully struck and cannot be undone
But I can’t bear this relentless pain, as he was in his prime
So why did the lord above think it was his time
Tomorrow, I will bury my son

Today, I bury my son
Blackness encompasses everything
The dark sky
The dresses, suits and ties
The eulogies shined some light on a life so bright
But I am distraught and lost in a fog of memories
Today, I bury my son

Yesterday, I buried my son
Can we have one more hug, one more laugh, one more tipping of the glass?
No, those joyous moments are forever in the past
and I am left with the antithesis of happiness
Yesterday, I buried my son

This past year, and in between moments of gloom, I saw glimpses of my son
His passion for life and a smile that lit up a room
My son left behind a young daughter, and she needs a grandfather
Someone to trust, someone who will not judge
Someone who will sacrifice his time and energy to ensure her happiness
This next year, my son's legacy will endure

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Key Words : death, mourning

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    This Poems Story

    A parent recently loses a child and goes through the five stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.