A Parents Prayer

A tear drops, every time I think of the end
Because my family will miss me again and again
My son who is only one, will not remember my face
only stories of me, when I was at my best
That thought alone, makes me cry for him
no memories for him, just da da da da
I live for him, to make him a man and not having that chance,
man ol man
My daughter is eleven, looks just like me
She will remember me, but only temporary
The years we spent, is not enough
To show her, that she has to be tough
She is going to hurt the most, for she loves me
I am her daddy, promised to never leave thee
She was the 1st, that taught me to love
and the thought of me being gone, she will be alone
My wife, I can't explain
Been with me, through hail, snow and even the rain
She chose to be with me, under God's name
with me not being there, it's god, she may blame
She will have to be responsible for guiding three
and all this time, missing me
Please God, if not for me, Keep me here, for my family
For their hearts, may never soon hurt,
because I'm not there, but in the dirt
But if it is in your will that I may go
Please cover my family in your blood that they may know
That I love them, every ounce of me,
and one day we will be together, once again, as a family

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