A ‘peace’ Of Faith

What is the true religion? That divisive debate,
causes conflict and segregation and generates hate.
From the mouths of Christian and Muslim, Hindu and Jew,
teachings of superiority and self importance spew.

Are we not all searching for the one god? Is this not the case?
Or are we all to be pigeon-holed in the afterlife according to race?
If Jesus is not your saviour or Allah your spiritual guide,
then your life must be empty and your soul dead inside.

Could we all just recognise that one being is as equal as the other?
Put faith, colour and race aside to call each other brother.
Shall we continue to destroy ourselves with waging 'Holy' wars?
Or extend our hands across the globe and begin to heal the scars.

Our fractured world is weeping at how man has gone astray.
We all need to look inside our hearts to find a better way.
If we all could come together, there is nothing man can't accomplish.
I put my faith in humanity and hope it can grant me my wish.

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