A Peace of Happiness

For years I have been stuck living in the darkness
Each day that passed I've wondered about a new start
Breaking free from my inner mental prison
Going out into the world living for myself
Not having a care what others tell me
Live life to the fullest
Stop living for others even if they are family
All of my deepest fears went away because I was free
Free to be me, free to do as I please
Explore the world for what it is
Don't be afraid and have a peace of happiness
Better days are always coming
I always keep that in mind
My darkest days are behind me I have found peace within
I have found happiness in my soul
One day I hope to inspire others
Writing is what has helped me get through my days
The power of poems are oh so great
I have healed myself from inner hurt and hate
Taking life for what it is just thankful to be alive
Even if I don't have much life is not a rush
I'm still at peace right where I need to be

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