A Penny For Patriotism

The stone out of the perfect
In which the builder refuses
Becomes the head corner stone
Of an other-Worldly kingdom

A piece of Earth compresses
Into a treasury of silver and gold
Worth respectfully not even a dash
In the sparkling eyes of the faithful

Gleaming with inner wealth
The so-called lowest of the low
Already have infinite riches
Within the pumping human heart
Connecting to the eternal Spirit
Where there is known excitement
Surpassing all Earthly currency

Bigger than the tallest cities
Stretching farther than the widest country
The Love for each creation is far more available

Of any human-made atrocity,
Countries stack up fake mountains
For the publics to climb over
Huge hand-built obstacles
Standing amongst the way
Of a true class-less society

Get the bigger picture?
Erase the chaos from the mind
Think smaller
Respect the fellow individual
Trees grow
With none of the branches fighting
There’s no competition
Humans need to take example

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