A place I\'d Rather Be

So many places in this world
Yet, one is confined to one
Is that law or just rule?
I don’t want to be stuck under the scorching hot sun

Drip, Trickle, Plat
Ahhh yes my favorite sounds
Rain trickles down my soaked back
I dream of a place where I can lay on the rainy grounds

But they are just dreams
Just places I wish were mine
No, No, No
I remember I am stuck here
Confined to my memories
Of the places, I would rather be

Somewhere cold and green
A hideout
To escape
A place where I can loudly shout

I dream
I manifest
But yet, I still only come up with the intangible
Don’t understand how much this can affect

Still sitting here dreaming
In the hot dreary sun
Dead Flowers, Nasty terrain, Vicous life
No Drips, Trickles, Plats Just silence, no fun

Think of new places
New worlds
Maybe I can escape this prison?
No way-
Try try again, fail
Take me to a new place; with new boys and girls

Born here; stuck here; bound to stay
Strange isn’t it?
No way to leave, to live, to imagine
I want to live in a world I feel fit

Ramble all day-all night
“You’re crazy! Keep dreaming”
All I hear
Keep going- or lose this fight?

One place
Give me one
Bargain everything, to leave this miserable locale
Already been through those Seven-Stages
Been put through mental Twelve-Steps
Just to leave, To be a new normal
Not constricted and strangled here

Try Try Try again they say
Only a helpless child
Cant Leave- that would be insane
All the negativities compiled
My cognitive filing cabinet overfilled with their lies

Not now
Hasn’t happened yet
But I will resist
Maybe a stupid fight
But I want to exist
Places I’d rather be

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This Poems Story

This poem holds deep metaphors of my past and how I want to be somewhere that compliments me. A place that makes me better all the way around.