A Place in My Dreams

There's a place in my dreams
That has no real theme,
But you have to be happy
And never be sappy.
Or we'll kick out your pappy.

There's a world in my thoughts
That's filled with sweet candy
From butterscotches to tic tacs to minties and taffy.
Devour it all, there's no such thing; cavities!
And there are no parents to tell you to stop,
You can eat all your fill until your tummy goes 'POP!'

Too bad none of my "wonderful" ideas exist.
I'd like it to,
But by then, we'd be sick.
Let's try to enjoy it,
And not throw a fit.
Our lives were meant for us,
Let's not make a fuss,
If we lived in our dreams,
We would be spoiled and mean,
That so it seems.
So live your life well,
And in paradise, you'll dwell!

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