A Place of Freedom

I feel like a criminal in a cage when I'm misunderstood,
Trapped with all my rage, in a heart of stone and soul of wood
There are thoughts inside my head that tell me what I cannot do
They leave messages of doubt, preventing faith in something new
So I need words of encouragement turning the night into day,
Watering my thirst like rain, on parched dry ground in May
For those, that know the real me, will find so deep inside
A sparkling jewel of fantasy where I take all my hurting pride
Transformed in the darkness, collected anger, in a fire,
Refined by pressure and heat, surrendered, cooling on a pyre
And out from that, a fortress where distant worlds are created,
Places without fear of judgment and where no one is berated
More safe than life, though powerful, without cause for alarm,
Where the wounded learn to heal, and choose to escape their harm
And I am understood and I understand, at all times, what is expected
Those who wish to know me will see that my heart is not neglected
And in this place of freedom, acceptance is the only rule,
And I have peace, forgiving, never wanting to be a fool
For if I do not guard my heart and protect it from assault,
Then I am just as much to blame and very much at fault
As those who feel it a waste of time, and do not wish to know,
That I am just like everyone else, but cannot always say so

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